Building new business by accelerating the development of consumer electronics combined with automotive software leading to safer and more intelligent transportation

Why do some great brands and companies such as Apple and Google get huge attention when they arrive on the connected car scene?


Design plays a similar role in the written word of marketing communications when you tell your story. More than publishing just the facts on a data sheet your customers are impressed by today’s wide range of medJoel Hoffmann Photo Fullia influences, many of which you can control.

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Creative Communications Strategy

Experience a full industry image designed and architected to attract customers to your company and product. Don’t just deliver your message, tell your story. Plans are one thing, but the overall design of the campaign matters most.

Product Management Marketing

This service will uncover the salient features of your development and showcase it in the right lighting. The clean design of messaging will result in important time savings and improved investment results as customers will quickly understand your product’s value. Beginning with technical assessment and quickly moving to crisp customer ready collateral comprehensive of data sheets, white papers, blogs, and speeches.

Broad Customer Engagement

Events are not mile markers on the road to customers until they are wrapped in a well-designed approach to your target market. Tell them what you’re going to tell them, tell them, then tell them again – but with a short story that is not boring. A range of tools will be applied to the campaign, not a just single point on a line of string, thus pulling much more value from your time.

Market Research Consultation

Experienced advisor on new markets in automotive providing ongoing support to investment bankers JP Morgan Chase, McKinsey & Company and GIC Special Investments internationally. A short-term (usually 60 – 90 minutes) telephone consultation will reduce your business risks by being better informed on real market trends in automotive electronics and software. Cutting through the hype and biased expectations, you will understand how to hone your market segment and offer differentiation in the growing and increasingly crowded connected car business sector.


2018 rack rate for my time is $295 / hr, discounted for annual agreements. Monthly billing includes usage detail of prior month. Fair and reasonable accounting for travel time, expenses, and research needed to meet the project goals. Start with a free collaboration to determine if I can help: https://HGC.bookafy.com.

Buy results, not hours.


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US Toll Free:

1 (855) 9-CNCDCAR

Please allow me to offer a sampling of my expertise before you make any investment.

While I was with Intel, I served on Doug Newcomb’s Connected Car Council (C3)


I also comment on industry articles at my blog site JAHoffmann.com

Here are some articles I wrote and published:

 Auto Cybersecurity – May the Source be With You was viewed 155 times and commented on by 0 people

 Safety and Security leading to Connected Autonomous Cars was viewed 749 times and commented on by 7 people


I speak on automotive industry events as primary speaker or panelist frequently



I also develop conference programs like this one during my Marketing Lead role in GENIVI


Joel Hoffmann

View Joel Hoffmann's profile on LinkedIn

Over 30 years experience developing new markets and territories
Strategic thinker highlighting sales achievements
Salesman that understands engineering as well as business
Passionate engineer that can sell his ideas

Joel caught a vision and pursued it with the passion and personal conviction of a crusader. He also sought and secured the expertise and involvement of colleagues around him; his teamwork was never better

– Jeffrey Noble, Intel Group Manager

Comfortable with risk taking in entrepreneurial businesses
Exploratory vision with international experience

He has certainly helped position Intel front and center in the emerging area of highway to vehicle infrastructure integration. He is very entrepreneurial and future focused

– Dr. David Cole, Chairman of CAR

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