EU agency hones in on cybersecurity and connected cars

“In the past you could take a knife and cut the brakes. But today you can hack a car remotely with a PC like you can hack an online store or a bank account,” Helmbrecht added.


The EU is just part of the effort to solve automotive cyber security. Can this be solved by governments or the private sector? Both will try since it is such as popular topic, albeit very complex.

The Long & Winding Road to Autonomous – 2015 Connected Car Expo – YouTube

While some love the idea and others fear it, most experts agree that the road to autonomy will not be a straight one.


In a good discussion during the LA Auto Show, I think the agreed “hype” will result in some very useful innovations in safety. The carmakers are taking the lead before they get regulated by governments unaware of the engineering limitations.

California is steering the automobile industry toward its future

“For 100 years, automobiles have been a mechanical engineering industry,” said the center’s director, Dragos Maciuca, who on his morning commute drives past a nearby research center of German automotive electronics and parts supplier Bosch. “Now, there is the shift to software — and the mecca of software is Silicon Valley.”


How much software will it take to launch autonomous cars into the real world? A lot, and it seems the industry is investing heavily to be first to market. A lot different than the DSRC thing very few know about.