Self Driving Cars Can’t Get Here Fast Enough for the Job Market — The Mission — Medium

the automobile would unleash a wave of historically unprecedented job creation centered around the internal combustion engine: mechanics, assembly line workers, gas station attendants, car washes, meter maids, and many, many more

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I’m not convinced the “Self-Driving” evolution will match the industrial revolution, but I agree jobs will be created as long as the hype and opportunity continues – one death by autonomous can kill this as shown partly by the Tesla issue.

Japan: Self-driving car delivery service will be on trial by next year

customers will be able to select and order items via an app from their smartphones. Its system will allow users to track the delivery instantly

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If the system in Japan works it will prove a successful alignment of public and private infrastructure since the community will need to protect the “national strategic special zones” to let the robots manage their way through the streets.

GM Content to Take Slow Lane toward “Super Cruise” Autonomous Features

Super Cruise will contain sensors that track drivers’ eye movements. “If we don’t get those signals and feedbacks, we don’t engage,”

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GM needs to be much more cautious on self-driving tech rollouts than companies like Tesla, due to their size and financial exposure. Regardless, driving while sleeping will always be a problem, so watching eyeballs is a good idea. A year ago this was not part of the design so GM is learning from early adopters.

Bluetooth 5: What you need to know

Bluetooth 5 advancements also open up more possibilities for SIG companies – now at an all-time high of 30,000 member companies

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Now that is an impressive Special Interest Group (SIG) at scale of 30K members! I can only imagine their All-Member Meetings, must need a sports stadium. This shows what ubiquity means in technology.

Mitsubishi Electric uses artificial intelligence to support driver assistance systems

actual performance often fails to measure up in real-world situations. Even if computers have surpassed humans at certain tasks, the technology overall has made only baby steps

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When I read “artificial” and “intelligence” in the same sentence I stand to attention. I think the human brain goes way beyond “baby steps” – if trained with anything close to the diligence of what these AI systems are being fed by massive supercomputers.