Update: Michigan Senate approves autonomous vehicle legislation

Separate bills that would make hacking into electronic vehicle systems a felony crime in Michigan remain pending in the Senate’s judiciary committee

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Mostly expected for Michigan to keep up and enable the car business there. What will be impressive is if the legislature can make hacking a felony punishable up to life a sentence in jail.

Intel’s latest processors are the product of a cautious strategy that could backfire

This approach, commonly known as tick-tock, has been replaced by tick-tock-tock, in which a CPU line that further optimizes the new architecture is rolled out using the same manufacturing process

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It may turn to Tick-Tock-Toe unless INTC can move more quickly into a foundry for ARM and other fast selling chips. This would be best for INTC’s customers – Wall Street Investors.

Tesla Hikes Prices on Autopilot, Adds Two-Year Leases and Discounts

The suite of features is merely enabled by software. Additionally, the cost of enabling it after taking delivery also has gone up by $500 to $3500

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Demand and supply affects Tesla like any other, will mainstream cars with autopilot features pay premium? Adding the hardware missing in most cars could raise the sticker to more than a Tesla.