Pure Water Windows – Now Open in Chandler, AZ

Gold – $49.95 per month
Our most popular plan

Up to 20 window panels cleaned inside and out – first visit
Outside panels cleaned every month automatically

Inside panels cleaned every six months

Screen removal and cleaning if possible from outside

Screen re-install if desired, or let the sun shine in!

No soap or chemicals ever used, only 100% pure water

Glass, frames, sills all cleaned to perfection without spots

Includes first and second level safely cleaned from ground level using latest water-fed pole system

Source: purewaterwindow.co

A New Concept in residential window maintenance – more affordable, higher quality, and consistent service year round. Experience the difference Pure Water can bring. Plans start at $29.95 per month.

Whitepaper: Total cost of ownership Linux vs. QNX – Part1


This has led some to choose Linux as a viable development platform, on the perceived basis that its cost is less than commercial alternatives

Source: www.qnx.com

I carefully read Chris’s paper and agree with nearly everything he says, except the idea that Linux is a “free puppy” unless he is referring to a Tibetan Mastiff (http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/world-expensive-dog-tibetan-mastiff-sells-2-million-article-1.1726647) in which case most would see the value. For automotive the issue is about sole sourcing I think, which QNX needs to address this whereas multiple automotive Linux suppliers already have. Looking forward to parts 2 and 3.