BMW 2017 5 series sedan will be equipped with wireless CarPlay support | Telematics Wire

Wireless CarPlay was introduced by Apple along with iOS 9 in 2015, but till now there has been no in-car infotainment system that supports the function completely

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2 years to get a new feature in a car is actually pretty quick given normal development times and implications to the entire OEM engineering and support systems. Others will follow quickly behind, and hopefully can adapt older models too.

Toyota irked by California’s autonomous vehicle testing rules | Telematics Wire

Toyota believes that since they have to follow the points in the checklist issued by NHTSA California while testing an autonomous vehicle, the innovation and speed of invention in the autonomous segment is being hampered

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The relationship between industry and government intersects more intensely than ever when it comes to public safety, especially with automated driving systems.

Renesas releases automated driving solution kit | Telematics Wire

driving safety support systems and in-vehicle infotainment systems, and achieves processing performance of over 40,000 DMIPS

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That’s about 10 time the performance of Raspberry Pi2, sometimes being used to develop innovative code for auto. Now developers have an alternate that can move quickly into production cars and not overheat your seats. This gives X86 and nVidia level performance from a trusted automotive supplier focused on functional safety. That’s the only way to deliver an autonomous car or lead up to it.

3UK questions need for 1 ms 5G latency

The connected car and automated driving might require extremely low network latency in order to avoid nasty accidents, but again, it throws up all manner of practical problems

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Here’s an issue about using wireless for safety. Cost and consistency are nearly impossible challenges for you to depend your life on any sort of wireless to the car, no matter how fast or how expensive.

Fearless Forecast: It Will Still Be Intel Inside New Apple macOS Computers

Apple probably contributed more than $2 billion to Intel’s processor sales last year

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$2B / yr is a strong incentive for Apple to assign engineering to introduce the A10 alongside the X86 part as a way to transition software over several years. The A10 only cost Apple the small IP payment to ARM vs $100 average per chip from Intel.

OMA and Open Source Standards | Pipeline Magazine | ICE Technology News and Info

Much has changed in the telecommunications industry in the years since Standards Development Organization (SDOs) such as 3GPP, ITU and OMA were formed

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Change in technology is part of the process. OSS and Open Standards both have value especially in automotive connectivity which depends on the standards of the wireless industry

Intel exec hints that it could re-enter the mobile processor business again

Venkata Renduchintala, the current president of the Client and Internet of Things (IoT) Businesses and Systems Architecture Group at Intel, hinted in a new interview that the company could re-enter the mobile processor business once again.

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Mr. Murthy is new to Intel culture, so the “in market, out of market” pattern is one he does not want to continue. This would be a great improvement for the company and customers that build reliance on long term support and availability.

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