Ethernet cables improve connected car efficiency


“When you use smaller roads, you have problems with speed, traffic is congested, safety becomes an issue and there are also lower levels of engine efficiency.” In contrast he pointed out the better traffic flow and safety of modern highways.


It’s so much simpler than this, the automotive industry wants a universal network technology and with the internet (IP) inside and outside the car this will finally happen.

German consortium runs LTE V2X trials on A9 Autobahn Test Bed


This means that end-to-end latency can be cut dramatically, to 20 milliseconds and below. Without the new technology, transmission of signals between two vehicles via LTE networks and the central cloud can take a hundred milliseconds in the best-case scenario


Ok, yet another solution to a V2X problem documented 15 years ago, LTE can compete with DSRC? If US goes 802.11p and other GEOs go their own way, we’ll enjoy the same complexities of mobile phone homologation. No thanks.