Autonomous cars must share crash data if something goes wrong: ABI | Telematics Wire

This would include an indication of whether the vehicle was operating autonomously or not, and what technology was in use.

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To claim safety benefits, highly automated cars need to have standard data exchange formats and insurance companies will insist on using the data. When you crash, your data goes out there unless you don’t want a settlement or you will accept a ticket on behalf of your car.

NHTSA issues guidelines to address driver distraction due to smartphones | Telematics Wire

The guidelines encourage manufacturers to implement features such as pairing, where a portable device is linked to a vehicle’s infotainment system, as well as Driver Mode, which is a simplified user interface.

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These features are available to many drivers, but they don’t know how to use them. What is the real issue here?

Car OEMs Target 2021 for Rollout of SAE Levels 4 and 5 of Autonomous Driving

ABI Research expects that semi-autonomous systems will continue to dominate the market over the next decade, with SAE level 2 and 3 systems accounting for 86% of autonomous vehicles shipping in 2026.

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Industry secret: a few exotic cars shipping in 2021 with full SAE automation level 4/5 will drive millions of option upgrades for safety features that provide 80% of the benefit at 20% of the cost for the rest of us.

BMW and Baidu to end joint research on self-driving cars

“We now have found that the development pace and the ideas of the two companies are a little different,” Kastner said, without specifying the exact point of disagreement.

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Many have noted how hard it is to work with BMW on joint projects, especially when the progress for the partner exceeds that of BMWs. Time to switch in another partner (and their new money) when that happens, in order to slow down the project results.

Tesla Autopilot Full Self-Driving Hardware (Full Length Cut)

Take a ride in a Tesla with Full Self-Driving Hardware.

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Exceptionally well presented full level 4 with the driver doing nothing until he gets out of the car on Tesla private roads and lets the car parallel park itself amidst many pedestrian obstacles. Playback at 3x normal speed makes the runners more fun to watch as the car slows automatically for them.

Intel on the Numbers of Autonomy: Automotive Design & Production

Intel Capital announced this week that it is investing an additional $250-million over the next two years specifically addressing the development of autonomous driving.

Almost seems small in the context of four terabytes.

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Yes, in this exaggerated context the numbers for investment are very small. Especially since Intel Capital takes many years to invest in anything related to these kinds of announcements (hype). They spent almost none of the prior $100M Connected Car fund established at least 5 years ago it seems.