SBD’s expert view on Samsung’s acquisition of HARMAN

The impact of the acquisition on OEMs and other suppliers depends very much on whether Samsung has acquired HARMAN as a Tier-2 supplier moving up the automotive supply chain, or as a CE player moving across into the automotive industry

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This amazing market share chart is a bit distorted, it seems to show only the number of designs and customers, not the total size of their business. When I add up the sales, Panasonic is #1 followed by Harman only by a hair.

Automotive Telematics Ecosystem: An open system approach | Telematics Wire

The need of the hour is an open system which allows various stakeholders to interact and utilize the data in a meaningful way, while maintaining security and privacy; and at the same time providing flexibility to each of the stakeholder to innovate and differentiate services.

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Closed V2X architectures have stumbled around for over a dozen years without results. The Open approach makes sense to invoke now. 

Automotive Software-Defined Cockpits See Proprietary and Open Source Solutions Battle for Design Wins

GENIVI Alliance open source software architecture for infotainment includes a number of compliant solutions from automotive Tier 1s like Aisin, Continental, Delphi, Harman, Magneti Marelli, and Visteon

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143 Million car cockpits is a long runway for GENIVI. The OSS automotive world is legitimate for sure.

Automated Cars Probably Won’t Make Human Drivers Obsolete

“Would a member of the public be comfortable getting into an airplane without a pilot? The short answer is no,” says George Perry, who runs the Air Safety Institute at the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA).

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While planes are flown 97% of the time by a computer, that improvement only reduced the pilots needed from 3 to 2. I don’t think many people will get into an Uber with no driver and be confident where they will be taken.

Renesas announced all in one ADAS view solution kit | Telematics Wire

R-Car Starter Kit, including online-available sample application and calibration software which enables system developers to immediately start their development

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What is missing is the fact that the kit is also ISO26262 ASIL B out of the box, which enables automakers and suppliers to build safe applications that use the cameras to avoid hazards and crashes.