VR suits, car phones’ comeback and insect brains: 8 tech predictions from Qualcomm (Q&A)

Or even have phones dedicated to certain parts of your life, like … car phones

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Now that’s a blast from the past, a phone you can ONLY use in your car! I had one of the first and removed to install in a briefcase for business trips. It weighed about 10 lbs, but was cool walking thru the airport with a full sized handset attached to my bag with an antenna sticking out. Dating myself, we did not have TSA to slow us down then either.

3GPP completes NB-IoT standardisation

“It took us only nine months to standardise the new technology after the study phase,” said Dino Flore, chairman of the 3GPP RAN group. “Once again 3GPP demonstrated the ability to quickly respond to the emerging market needs.”

Source: www.totaltele.com

So much for the legacy slowness of standards orgs, I think the OSS community is speeding things up, in advance of their code based prototypes now.