Nissan executive sees ‘connected car’ as auto makers’ response to Uber

“Your smartphone, you’re not sharing it. It’s becoming more and more a personal object,” Mr. Klein said.


Try wrestling a phone out of a teenager’s hands and you’ll agree with Mr. Klein. Not sure if its about privacy or personalization, but phone sharing does not happen. Will car sharing? It might if all your personal data stays on your phone, including your vehicle configuration.

‘We’re not scared of Silicon Valley’: Ford talks tough on self-driving cars

Because we think before we put out a vehicle that we say is autonomous, it has to really be autonomous. Which means it’s got to be safe and it’s got to be able to take the driver out of the loop


I think there is a reason most car development is in Detroit or other difficult climates. Silicon Valley is too easy on your car without snow or storms.

Global Automotive Industry: Trends & Forecasts

The global automotive industry is booming. Fast paced environment is making way for new trends. Know more about the current happenings & predictions for future.


What fun to forecast when the industry is booming. Now is the time when some companies forget about marketing because they’re too busy selling and delivering. Not s good idea, because there are always slow cycles in the future. It’s how automotive works.

Why The Internet Of Things Might Never Speak A Common Language

There’s also the more fundamental question of whether a standard amounts to much if doesn’t have the support of tech titans like Apple, Google, and Amazon. So far, those companies haven’t shown much interest in either OCF or AllSeen.


In ancient Babylon (now Iraq, and never rebuilt), there were much bigger issues at stake, althought the supposed trillions of dollars in IoT are not to be mocked. Automotive seems like a side interest in this battle of languages.

Don’t let perfect get in the way of good, says NHTSA’s Rosekind – Automotive World

We are looking at 2015 possibly being a 10% increase,” observed Rosekind. “Autonomous vehicles are going to give us a new path to address those numbers


A 10% increase in crash deaths, that is. Let’s start with AEB by 2022 and see how many cars are ready way before that. Toyota already announced 2017 as it’s target to stop your car for you.