NVIDIA CEO Envisions AI Enabling Cars to Customize Driving Experience

“The thing about software is that its quality improves over time, while people’s ability to drive diminishes,” Huang said. “The answer is to develop really great software.”

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He forgot to mention Open Source, possibly because while nVidia may benefit from it, they may not contribute much back to the community. In auto you must collaborate to get “really great software”

GENIVI Alliance Member Newsletter October 2016

GDP Demonstration – Renesas Electronics Corporation
Renesas has a long history of supporting the GDP platform and every generation since inception. They demonstrated their Porter board running on the GDP platform with the newest user interface and application launcher. Future M3 Starter Kit implementations will provide automotive grade hardware for developers at an affordable cost increasing the reach of the GDP to non-automotive developers.

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“The key to engagement with automotive software developers is visibility, contribution and support” – Steve Crumb

Tesla sets price of $8000 for self-driving feature

The autonomous-driving software still needs to be validated, and regulators must approve it, the company said

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Clearly a bold step, one of many in a line of successes and failures. Monetizing driving automation makes sense, but only if it is done safely, a driverless taxi carries a lot of risk when mixed with other cars on the road from 1990s onward.

Intel Faces Tremendous Near-Term Threats

it’s a matter of time until Apple substitutes its Mac Intel CPUs for its own, internal, SoCs. This is something I talked about in my article titled “Intel Should Worry A Lot If Apple Excludes It From Future Macs”, but which is now much more likely both due to architectural and process improvements. This event alone would represent the removal of 8% of the entire PC market from Intel’s hands. And it’s going to happen

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Apple is a very important PC maker and probably the only one that really matters for the PC market since Windows is tired and tablets running Android have taken the rest of the consumer space.

Renesas delivers a kit to accelerate development of autonomous vehicles

The HAD solution kit supports multiple interfaces, including five 100 megabit (MB) Ethernet Broad R-Reach ports, 1 gigabit (GB) Ethernet, controller area network (CAN) with CAN-FD and FlexRay

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Add to this up to 16 camera inputs and the processing capacity to handle this automotive I/O and you bypass PC technology and gaming hardware completely with full ASIL B and D compliance. Now you can build drivable safer cars for production, not just research.

BMW 2017 5 series sedan will be equipped with wireless CarPlay support | Telematics Wire

Wireless CarPlay was introduced by Apple along with iOS 9 in 2015, but till now there has been no in-car infotainment system that supports the function completely

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2 years to get a new feature in a car is actually pretty quick given normal development times and implications to the entire OEM engineering and support systems. Others will follow quickly behind, and hopefully can adapt older models too.

Toyota irked by California’s autonomous vehicle testing rules | Telematics Wire

Toyota believes that since they have to follow the points in the checklist issued by NHTSA California while testing an autonomous vehicle, the innovation and speed of invention in the autonomous segment is being hampered

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The relationship between industry and government intersects more intensely than ever when it comes to public safety, especially with automated driving systems.