Watch Renesas Autonomous Driving at CES – Live Jan 5-8, 2017

Video will be live starting at 9:00 AM PST on Jan 5, 2017

Behind the scenes:

At the Open Source Suite on Jan 5th, beginning at 3 PM PST:

Automotive Grade Linux Releases Open Infotainment Platform Built by Automakers and Suppliers | Automotive Grade Linux

“Renesas is proud to be a part of the AGL ecosystem and supports the UCB 3.0. The new platform reduces fragmentation and enables us to build products that can be supported by multiple automakers,” said Hisao Munakata, Senior Director of Automotive Information Solution Business Division, 1st Solution Business Unit, Renesas Electronics Corporation.

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Renesas picked up the Open Automotive torch and ran it like an olympic sprinter. They clearly lead the semiconductors in support for BOTH GENIVI and AGL, without bias either way.

Here’s Why General Motors Will Build and Test Autonomous Vehicles in Metro Detroit

We expect to be the first high-volume auto manufacturer to build fully autonomous vehicles in a mass-production assembly plant

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LinkedIn is becoming the new media channel where only the truth can be told. Notice she never said GM would build autonomous cars in “mass”, but rather they would be built in a big plant, versus a garage in Silicon Valley. I remember something else however, that was once built in a garage – Apple. They never bothered with their own plants.

BMW to begin testing autonomous ride-hailing vehicles

“Ride hailing is nothing more than manual autonomous driving,” Tony Douglas, Head of Strategy for BMW’s mobility services said. “Once you dispense with the driver you have a license to print money.”

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So much for the “ultimate driving machine”, the driver will be dispensed with, so maybe the seats lose their “hard seating” German cars are known for and become a couch.

Automotive infotainment systems are getting smarter, so why are basic functions still so hard to use?

Basic functions such as playing audio from multiple sources, setting a navigation destination, and pairing Bluetooth as still causing customers’ headaches, as a recent white paper from GfKs user experience team discovered. An even more concerning finding is the comparison with a similar white paper from three years ago, that highlighted exactly the same issues with previous generation systems.

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The industry should pay more attention to the work of GENIVI and AGL as they are focused on these “basics” and collaborate among companies for the greater good.

General Motors’ U.S. government letter reveals details of semi-autonomous “Super Cruise”

NHTSA said GM’s Super Cruise system will in some situations “alert the driver to resume steering.” It said that if the driver is incapacitated, unresponsive or otherwise unwilling to retake the controls, “Super Cruise may determine that the safest thing to do is bring the vehicle slowly to a stop… in or near the roadway.”

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Amazingly simple, this was the method of safe shutdown determined by Google years ago.

Cadillac Plans to Steer Clear of Driverless Cars

“For us, driving is a very immersive experience,” de Nysschen said. “The notion of removing the driver from that is foreign to us. It’s not what Cadillac stands for. We are not into making transportation modules. We’ll leave that to someone else.”

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My dad always bought Cadillacs. He liked to bring one home as a surprise to my mom (!). The driving experience was more like a houseboat on wheels, but us kids loved all the neat buttons and power features to play with. Driving? Left that to someone else.

Survey reveals positive view of people towards self-driving cars | Telematics Wire

Ford-commissioned survey, where many Europeans felt time behind the wheel would be better spent catching up with nearest and dearest, gazing out the window, or having a nap.

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So much for the “transfer control to human driver” feature if you are taking a nap, however on a controlled roadway (read: tracks) this might be an option. The car for kids option is a bit more challenging to deploy.

5G connected car demonstrated by SK Telecom | Telematics Wire

SK Telecom and Ericsson have jointly developed and deployed the 5G radio and core network infrastructure to cover the whole driving center

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It seems the telecom carriers are the most interested in getting this technology into cars. Now they will need to get through what Steve Jobs called the “orifice” which now is defined as the automakers.