Secure FuSa Autonomous Architecture by Renesas – CES 2017

Watch John McElroy as he learns of the advanced safety engineering underway by Automotive Electronics leader, Renesas. Their focus is not just on self-driving, but rather on safe-driving using a fully balanced architecture with intelligent fail operational redundancy while retaining realistic power/heat specifications.

This is an architecture that can actually be built by carmakers. Six computers in 2 housings consuming a total of  25 watts – that’s about 10% of a typical Intel Xeon server or a couple Nvidia Graphics cards. And leaves room for secure communication overhead to prevent a hacker from taking over the car.

Watch Renesas Autonomous Driving at CES – Live Jan 5-8, 2017

Video will be live starting at 9:00 AM PST on Jan 5, 2017

Behind the scenes:

At the Open Source Suite on Jan 5th, beginning at 3 PM PST: