Why carmakers want to keep Apple and Google at arm’s length

Ford and Toyota, which together founded a group called the SmartDeviceLink Consortium. The consortium will focus on developing and promoting the use of a technology called SmartDeviceLink, which you can think of in loose terms as an app store run by automakers and capable of running on any car.

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SDL should not be compared with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay but rather as another interface from the car to the consumer, as if they need one.

IDG Connect – Driverless cars: Infrastructure must prepare for 2025

Today, even the most advanced cities are not prepared for autonomous vehicles.

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Infrastructure is everything. Roads, networks, policies are all part of it. Will convenience or safety tip the scale for the massive investment needed? Forget the cost of developing the technology, calculate the cost of deployment in the real world with real people.

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay – The fastest ever in-car features to reach saturation?

In fact, the only manufacturer today that doesn’t appear to be adopting either product is Toyota. SBD forecasts that by 2020 Android Auto and CarPlay will have a 60% penetration throughout USA and Europe.

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It may have something to do with the fact that the software actually works quite well, and cars are being sold briskly as a result of the co-branding with the largest companies in the world, Apple and Alphabet (Google).

With Uber Freight, It’s Not Just Truck Drivers Whose Jobs Are at Risk

Otto’s trucks require a human driver be present and are only fully automated for highway driving. And it’ll be years (decades?) before Otto passes regulatory hurdles. If cities are already wary of Uber’s driverless cars program, they’re even less likely to let a multi-ton 18-wheeler ride without a driver.

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Decades? For sure at least that long, since the infrastructure of roads today have been designed around a person peering out that large glass lens and reacting to the unknown in an accountable way, at least most of the time.

New NexDock Uses Intel Compute Card to Become a Laptop

When it comes time to upgrade, you simply remove the Compute Card and insert a new one (assuming Intel keeps making them)

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As the PC market continues to decline, the perfect option for Intel comes along. They can keep the revenue going, while the rest of the industry gets nothing. I have the first gen NexDock and with this upgrade it will be nearly perfect (if you don’t mind not having a Mac).

Microsoft launches a new cloud platform for connected cars

Johnson also used today’s announcement to take a thinly veiled swipe at Google/Alphabet, which spun out its self-driving car unit a few weeks ago. “As you may have gathered, Microsoft is not building its own connected car,” she writes.

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Smartly Microsoft is not claiming space in self-driving or its brand of connected cars but has the strong influence in the office and devices world that automakers need to pay attention to.

No Way—Waymo! Google Accelerates Self-Driving Vehicle Program : Advanced Mobility Project

This month it will begin tests of its next-generation autonomous driving system on public streets in Arizona and California

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Krafcik reiterates that Waymo’s aim is to market its integrated hardware and software system, not to build its own automated cars. The goal, he says, is to build a better driver rather than a better car.

2017 Jaguar F-PACE InControl© Touch Pro™ System Uses DiSTI’s GL Studio® User Interface Software

After a highly competitive year-long evaluation process, Jaguar Land Rover adopted and standardized on DiSTI’s GL Studio toolkit for its unmatched performance, flexibility, rapid support, and ability to produce feature rich high quality 3D embedded applications

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Hype aside, design wins are what matter for suppliers of technology in this automotive industry, and the competition is fierce at all levels.