Finding safety in self-driving cars | Internet Of Things News

So my car is no longer 95% idle, it is working all day, but I only have one of them. I no longer need two vehicles, so there is a cost benefit there


Finally the business model for connected self-driving cars – the automakers will sell half as many cars at twice the price and the highways will be less congested as a result. Will this lower road use taxes too?

BMW’s vision for a world of connected cars

Connecting cars to a broader Internet of Things is still in its infancy. “You need a connected home to be able to connect your car to it,” notes Kent. While one in four consumers said they’re interested in a connected lifestyle, the technology to support a broader connected world is not yet ubiquitous.


There are plenty of standards and APIs but coordinating these across industries is just starting.

Android reaches deeper into your car – Google I/O 2016

Android N also has some new back-end features that will make it easier for automakers to create their own unique flavors of N, although it’s unclear how many car companies are taking Google up on the offer


A short time from now we will comprehend how deep carmakers will accept the Google offer to deploy an embedded -N solution. Meanwhile, phone users get a better driving experience than already exists with Android Auto on every phone, no connection to the car needed!