Is Uber planning a massive order for autonomous cars?

Loss-making Uber would make drastic savings on its biggest cost — drivers — if it were able to incorporate self-driving cars into its fleet.


Uber has proven powerful at breaking down unions and regulations that are changing the transportation business. Maybe they also hold the keys to autonomous, although I think we are still a long way off from eliminating safety drivers, just as expensive as real drivers.

US: Fiat Chrysler to use Sensor Fusion tech in future AEB systems

When both agree a frontal collision may be imminent, the vehicle’s brakes are activated – a strategy that affords greater precision


AEB by 2020 will result in competitive advantage for the first automakers delivering a great solution. Sensor fusion requires at least 3 suppliers, each of the sensors and a computer to agree. A huge boost to the industry and consumers will often get smart cruise control as a bonus.

Renesas Electronics : America Showcases Cockpit and Autonomous Driving Solutions at Connected Car Detroit and Autonomous Car Detroit 2016

The panel will address barriers to the OEM adoption of consolidated instrument cluster and infotainment systems known as “multi-domain controllers” that represent the beginning of ECU consolidation


Thanks to my panelists Chris Giordano, Ian Byers, Chris Andrews and Joe Fabree we had a great conversation on stage.