Android Auto vs. Apple CarPlay: Google and Apple battle for dashboard dominance

Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto have arrived on the scene and are now very comfortably nestled into the dashboard of CNET’s test car. I’ve been using the two dueling smartphone integration systems for a few months now — 8 months, to be exact, for CarPlay and 2 with Android Auto — so I think it’s time that we address the question on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Which one is better?


You cannot deny the ubiquity of the Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto in cars coming soon. Get used to this interface, although you may already be since it feels like your phone. Will safety of the user interface be better than fumbling around and dropping the phone between the seats occasionally? I think so. Will it add value to a carmakers brand? I think not. Can anyone stop the trend? Not likely.

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