The OEM’s answer to CarPlay and Android Auto?

You might have missed a quiet announcement of great significance last week: Toyota would be joining Ford in supporting SmartDeviceLink (SDL). IMHO, that’s great news for the industry. I’m a huge fan of SDL because I think it solves the problems of mobile to car connectivity in the right way.Here’s a look at the current field for connecting cars to phones:
Apple CarPlay. Lets you get iOS apps into the car head-unit, following the look and feel guidelines set by Apple, and works only on Apple devi


The auto smartphone integration issues are now down to 3: Apple, Google, and Ford’s SDL. SDL is really the open version of Ford’s AppLink, and as a hosted project on GENIVI there is some work to be done to give the fit and finish for each car and brand. That’s good news because customization is what the industry wants, and brand identity that goes with it.

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