BlackBerry’s Software Growth Takes Hold as Smartphone Sales Fall

“The results showed that Chief Executive Officer John Chen is moving the company closer to his goal of doubling yearly software revenue to $500 million by March 2016. Software revenue soared 153 percent to $137 million last quarter. Still, the company has a long way to go before businesses like security-focused software make up for the slump in smartphone sales. BlackBerry, which sold just 1.1 million devices last quarter, has partnered with manufacturers to cut costs and try to turn the shrinking handset unit back to profit.”


Looks like BB is doing what they said they would, improve performance through software. With such a strong legacy in security tech and reliability, their software is a great fit for not only infotainment systems in cars, but safety systems that improve driving. This is the growth area for software and BB may be the one to capture a large share.

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