Finally, Infotainment that Makes a Lot of Sense

The third and biggest piece on display was the Movimento OTA solution and the way this worked even with the connectivity issues on the exhibit floor was impressive. Movimento’s solution was integrated on Melco’s head unit and has the ability to update every ECU in the vehicle and this is where both SOTA and FOTA are in action. Users also have the ability to schedule their updates and this is the similarity with the Tesla system. The difference being Tesla vehicles were engineered for updates but the Movimento solution can do it on any other vehicle despite electrical network challenges.


Over-The-Air (OTA) becomes sexy in cars, something phones could not live without due to the frequency of updates needed to fix bugs after shipment and address security issues over time. Phones have a short development cycle whereas carmakers seem to think they can use long cycles to uncover bugs before start of production (SOP). Truth is that many cars ship with hundreds if not thousands of known bugs. SOP date pressure creates a panic at the end of the cycle. Good to see that Volvo and others are discovering a more reasonable approach and one that scales over time.

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