University of Michigan Opens Test “City” for Autonomous Cars

Automakers and researchers say a new simulated city at the University of Michigan could help speed the e27961a3-3b5f-4236-97cb-ba21d4639a91.jpgdevelopment of driverless and connected cars.


Ann Arbor is a pretty good idea for testing real world conditions of autonomous cars. A prior project in that city called Connected Vehicle Proving Grounds was not able to gather much momentum or paying customers. With the catchy title of self-driving, marketing savvy may prove a site like this will be good for interoperability testing if the millions of funding can be captured from future customers.

4 thoughts on “University of Michigan Opens Test “City” for Autonomous Cars”

    1. I don’t know the date, but will be in Detroit Aug 24-27 – speaking at Autonomous Cars event. I’d love to see the opening while I’m there, Detroit area is my home town, love Ann Arbor.


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