What Uber Can Teach Us About American Government

The introduction of Uber drastically improved New Yorkers’ options. From my perspective, a ride with Uber is superior to a New York taxi in literally every facet of the experience, from the cleanliness of the vehicles to the demeanor of the drivers.

But for the purported champion of the people, Bill de Blasio, Uber should not be allowed to continue to grow apace with demand. Per the Wall Street Journal, de Blasio is attempting to limit the number of Uber drivers operating in New York for a year or more, stifling both the firm’s chances to expand in its biggest market and consumer choice. Uber has retaliated with a multifaceted marketing and PR campaign, including the introduction of a “de Blasio” mode on its app per the above screenshot.

Source: www.linkedin.com

I was shocked by Uber last time I was in NYC. The driver was very polite, well dressed and clean. His car was no more than a year old (new car smell) and no obnoxious advertising on an LCD monitor or bulletproof glass crowding me and the driver with a little slot like a high crime gas station. I was also not pressured into giving a 30% tip on the credit card terminal. Maybe the mayor should learn from the customers rather than try to block the innovation

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