After Jeep Hack, Chrysler Recalls 1.4M Vehicles for Bug Fix

Welcome to the age of hackable automobiles, when two security researchers can cause a 1.4 million product recall.


Hacking a car is major consumer news, despite the awareness within industry that it is possible. Chrysler must want to contain this viral story using a USB delivered recall, but it will still cost millions. It’s too bad for them to be highlighted so much since almost all new cars have shipping vulnerabilities. It has to do with the pressure during product development to produce software in time for a pre-defined ship date (SOP). I think this demo proves the infotainment system is not isolated from the car safety critical parts and it needs to be treated as such. This will be a huge increase in complexity of development. Software collaboration on common problems could really help. The video by Wired is a must see: 

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