FCA, the ‘canary in the coalmine’ for auto cyber security – Automotive World Weekly

FCA may be the first OEM to issue a cyber security-related recall, but it will not be the last.

Should cyber security be something that OEMs work on in isolation, with each developing its own solutions? The silo approach certainly has its benefits, preventing hackers from making a single attack on thousands or millions of vehicles across multiple brands all at once; but it also means a duplication of R&D for the same result. Identifying threats is crucial, which is where some kind of cyber security social network would come in handy; AlienVault spoke to Automotive World about its Open Threat Exchange (OTX), where OEMs, suppliers and other interested parties can collaborate in confidence.

Source: Automotive World

I think collaboration makes a lot of sense when it comes to huge solutions needed to problems affecting nearly all people, like safety and cybersecurity.

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