Hackers dialing for driving safety? – C3 Report

Until now, car hacking demos were done only while security researchers were hard-wired into a vehicle’s electrical system. There was just one documented real-world case of remote car hacking in 2010, but that was an inside job by a disgruntled car dealer employee, who bricked over 100 vehicles by taking advantage of technology designed to allow remote repossession. …

Source: www.cthreereport.com

Doug Newcomb covers all the facts, except that the patch FCA could quickly devise just plugs a hole in the bucket. The offending messages that “drove” the Jeep demo are still a valid and necessary part of the “by-wire” cars we have today. According to Charlie Miller hackers just need to find a new way to access the message bus. The solution is to re-architect the car information backbone including CAN, but who will make the investment? Ethernet is just now showing up in cars, adding to the LIN, MOST, CAN, Flexray, VAN and a dozen other protocols we need to secure more. The PC and data center industry had this problem 20 years ago while Cisco made millions selling “Multi-Protocol Routers”. Then we settled on TCP/IP and the internet took off roaring. When will the auto industry realize that collaboration results in growth and closed designs result in losses.

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