BMW, Intel and Mobileye team up for autonomous cars by 2021

The goal of the collaboration is to develop future-proofed solutions that enable the drivers to not only take their hands off the steering wheel, but reach the so called “eyes off” (level 3) and ultimately the “mind off” (level 4) level transforming the driver’s in-car time into leisure or work time. This level of autonomy would enable the vehicle, on a technical level, to achieve the final stage of traveling “driver off” (level 5) without a human driver inside

Read the full article at:

Clearly we expect some caveats to these claims, and 2021 is only about 12-18 months away from planning start so testing and validation is likely the biggest part of the project. No mention of a communications partner, but the project claims to be “open” and “standards”. We’ll see.

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