Report from Open Automotive ’15 – Stuttgart

Next week I will share updates from the GENIVI All-Member Meeting – please consider attending if you are interested in Automotive Linux and Open Source software development.

Over 300 people signed up so far to attend, many are not yet members of GENIVI. Please contact me if you are looking for a discount registration.

Presented by the GENIVI Alliance and Sponsored by Intel Corporation, OPEN Automotive ‘15 will explore, along with carmakers, leading suppliers, developers, automotive consortia and industry analysts, “Cyber Security – Protecting the Connected Vehicle.”

  • Discover how the relationship between cyber security and safety is having a dramatic impact on smart device integration, infotainment services, embedded solutions, privacy, interoperability, monitoring and collaboration among OEM’s, service providers, regulators and ultimately the consumers.
  • Moderated panels will discuss connected car vulnerability and the consequential critical need to address core cyber security issues well before the point of exponential attack growth along with the current initiatives that are being taken by automotive OEM’s and optional suppliers to keep our vehicles and passengers safe.
  • With more than 279 million connected vehicles projected to be on the roads by 2021, key industry stakeholders are exploring ways to better collaborate, set standards and define the future automotive architectures for keeping the connected vehicle as safe as possible . The OPEN Automotive ‘15 conference brings industry experts, key contributors and innovators together for a full day of education and knowledge transfer.

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