GENIVI Alliance: Carmakers support “always connected” consumers

“As a first solution, some carmakers tried specific integrations (one smartphone to one car system). But since then, several technologies have been developed to better standardize smartphone integration, including:

  1. MirrorLink, a standard proposed by Car Connectivity Consortiu
  2. SmartDeviceLink, an open-source project initiated by Ford and hosted by the GENIVI Alliance
  3. CarPlay, an integration specifically for iPhones and introduced by Apple in 2013
  4. Android Auto, an integration specifically for Android devices introduced by Google in 2014

Carmakers do not want to leave any of their customers unhappy, and therefore tend to support a full set of solutions in their in-vehicle portfolio. Developing this set of integration solutions and maintaining them for the long haul is painful, costly, and always risky for customer satisfaction. Whose fault is it when the app doesn’t work? Automakers will avoid this pain if they can benefit from a set of standardized interfaces that simplify integration with their in-vehicle software platform.”


GENIVI is in a good spot to be neutral about these technologies, but I’m confident a list of 4 solutions will eventually be 2 with an alternate. Can you guess which will have the most glimmer to consumers? What about the OEMs? The key value is to be adaptable to the changing consumer demand, and open source provides the way to do that. Selling cars is what matters to everyone.

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