US government gets in gear by ‘investing’ in connected cars

Currently, two projects are in progress, the Mobility Transformation Centre and theConnected Vehicle (CV) Pilots Deployment project. Both are spin-offs of the recently completed Connected Vehicle Safety Pilot programme carried out in Ann Arbor, Michigan, which tested the readiness of dedicated short-range communications (DSRC) in a connected vehicle for use in vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I), and involved approximately 2,800 cars, trucks and transit vehicles equipped with V2V systems.

Stepper explained that the Mobility Transformation Centre, which is hosted by the University of Michigan, is a “significant expansion” of the Safety Pilot project, including using 9,000 vehicles with V2V and V2X technology, using a far greater testing area and, eventually 20,000 vehicles at 500 nodes, such as traffic lights and intersections, and to broaden the scope of testing to include, for the first time, automated vehicles.

The testing will be carried out in several counties in south-eastern Michigan and will include equipping non-vehicle road users, such as pedestrians and cyclists, with DSRC devices. “They will be communicating with cars and the infrastructure by sending out signals that they are there,” Stepper said. “The target of this model is to avoid crashes or to mitigate the consequences of a collision, including those involving pedestrians and cyclists.”

“A similar model deployment for automated vehicles and this project will be carried out in and around Ann Arbor and involves 2,000 vehicles and some 27 square miles of densely instrumented infrastructure. We at Bosch are extremely excited by it.”


V2X is HOT, finally!

Regardless of any critics concerns is being deployed in large scale tests. There is no other auto technology that can see around corners, so adds a lot of value to safety systems. A big opportunity for silicon suppliers, Renesas is already underway on a 2nd generation chipset that will appear in these tests. Now more OEMS and Tier1s are standing up to see the revenue coming.

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