Renesas Electronics Delivers R-Car H3, Automotive Computing Platform for the Autonomous-Driving Era

R-Car H3 also conforms to the ISO 26262 (ASIL-B) functionality safety for automotive


Perhaps the most important feature is out-of-the-box ASIL-B compliance enabling applications way beyond infotainment and into more complex ADAS, sensor fusion and autonomous driving. Support already for QNX, Integrity and Linux will enable quick development using the base of software already created for R-Car.

16nm technology speaks to the manufacturing team Renesas and its foundry have assembled to provide a sustained supply to the auto specific market (Renesas already shipping 887M MCUs per year to production cars). Incorporation of ARM A57/A53 cores is an impressing move to 64-bit along with key accelerators on die.

This part is not a promise, already shipping samples to customers and ready for SOP in 2019 car models. See it running at CES.

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