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Android Auto vs. Apple CarPlay: Google and Apple battle for dashboard dominance

Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto have arrived on the scene and are now very comfortably nestled into the dashboard of CNET’s test car. I’ve been using the two dueling smartphone integration systems for a few months now — 8 months, to be exact, for CarPlay and 2 with Android Auto — so I think it’s time that we address the question on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Which one is better?


You cannot deny the ubiquity of the Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto in cars coming soon. Get used to this interface, although you may already be since it feels like your phone. Will safety of the user interface be better than fumbling around and dropping the phone between the seats occasionally? I think so. Will it add value to a carmakers brand? I think not. Can anyone stop the trend? Not likely.

Will your self-driving car be programmed to kill you if it means saving more strangers?

The computer brains inside autonomous vehicles will be fast enough to make life-or-death decisions. But should they? A bioethicist weighs in on a thorny problem of the dawning robot age.


The concept of your car being smarter than you is generally unattractive to most people that will be buyers of cars in the future. The missing element is a conscience, a uniquely human possession. Consciences demand moral training and are influenced by the environment each of us live in. I don’t think anyone will be able to train a robot or car to replicate that and own the liability that goes with it.

Range Rover remotely wheels its way towards autonomous driving | TU Automotive

Jaguar Land Rover has revealed some of the prototype technologies that its UK research team are developing to deliver autonomous driving in the future. The Rover Sport research vehicle demonstrates how a driver could drive the vehicle from outside the car via their smartphone. A smartphone app includes control of steering, accelerator and brakes as well as changing from high and low gear ratios.


4MPH parking aid does not count as autonomous driving in my opinion, but the multi-point ‘spin the car” feature might be handy in my driveway. I can see the Open Source RVI project that JLR is working on being a key part of the link to a smartphone and the vehicle controls.

Daimler and Qualcomm to develop in-car tech, wireless charging

FRANKFURT (Reuters) – Carmaker Daimler on Saturday announced a partnership with mobile technologies company Qualcomm Inc. to explore wireless recharging of mobile phones in cars as well as recharging of


I rented a GMC Tahoe the other day, it had wireless charging. I have no idea for what device though, certainly not mine. The rubberized tray was a nice place to put my phone regardless.

After 5-6 tries hopefully this one will stick.

Android Auto: The First Great In-Car Infotainment System

Alex (ten minutes later, pork banh mi and root beer in hand): Take me to Ocean Beach. And that’s how Android Auto, Google’s infotainment interface that can be installed in just about any new car, led me to the western edge of San Francisco, where I ate my sandwich, drank my soda, and watched the waves. Today, Hyundai became the first automaker to put cars with Android Auto on dealer lots, starting with the 2015 Sonata sedan.


A few more mainstream articles like this appealing to the actual car buyers may convince the industry that Android is a good thing, at least for now. Moving on from the expensive development process of inventing ones own wheel seems too wasteful for most consumers paying for the radio. Now about your iPhone? Yet another user experience.